Fresh and Awkward – part 2

Yeap! I’m back and it’s part 2 because I got totally lost writing in the first post that I actually forgot to tell what my project really is.

So, I just turned 22 years old a couple weeks ago and I had this idea of writing this whole new year of my life until I’m 23 and already graduated. So, it’s a project of writing down my thoughts and experiences not only in a professional way, but also in a personal level and with it find a project for my future. Yayy, I hope it really works.

Keeping up with the (Kardashians, nope, not really) thoughts, I thought about coolhunting and actually yesterday I saw that is going to happen a workshop about it, here in my town, in august. I really want to go but it’s a little expensive  and I don’t know if I can pay for that, or if it’s worth paying that price and if it’s really good. So yes, that matter it’s kind open in my mind. If you guys don’t know, coolhunting it’s basically searching and looking for signs of change in the society, signs that can be a trend. You’ve to be very curious and I think to be a very good coolhunter  you need to have a different way to look at things, like a different perspective. I guess I see things differently I always call my boyfriend or family attention, sometimes friends (I have to be very comfortable around them to say something) to things, like some trees I see on our way, or buildings, graffitis or even a leaf. And when I’m around the mall for example, I like to observe people actions, and sometimes I think that their actions are so strange. And you know, they consider me the strange one, why can’t I consider them too? We’re both strangers. Ok, you’re the weirdo. (oh, and I’m saying that for me, not to you guys, if you’re actually reading this nonsense thing that is going on here).

Anyway, I got pretty curious about coolhunting and I wish we had a subject like this on college, I really want to know and learn more about it. I don’t have to work in this area but hey, doesn’t hurt just ‘look around’ right?!

I kept looking for things to do and I also thought about being an illustrator. After that I reminded that I don’t even like my fashion drawings, so I’m waay lost here. And I love it so much, but I’m actually terrible in drawing. Probably it’s something that I have to pratice a lot, but I see how bad I’m and I just let it go. And I think that the best illustrators have they signature look, like you can see the drawing it’s specifically from someone. By the way I don’t have one. So yeah, I guess Illustrator it’s a no thing, not going to happen.

Still without a clue, but that’s ok. I’m going to leave here a list of my favorite illustrators and I hope you enjoy it! Have a nice day! 🙂

Anke Weckmann (

Jackie Diedam (

Kerrie Hess (

Sibylline (this one <3) (

Susu Girls (

Anna Bond (



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